Leveson Inquiry

Leveson Inquiry

I would like to discuss the Leveson Inquiry; first of all let’s go back to the 1980s, the days of those brick mobile phones that almost everybody including myself was proud of purchasing. One of those awful ugly, happy-go-lucky mobile phones you put into your bag. Strange though, it actually felt like a brick weighing your bag down, and if you had a cheap bag like mine the bag would split because of the weight. Going back to those days when you rang a number before you could finish pressing the last digit you’re more than likely to have had some experience of a crossed line – I did and I remember ears -dropping into a conversation that Sally Farmiloe and Jeffrey Archer were having. My gosh, their conversations were quite saucy… but that was their business. (But crossed lines work both ways) Funny really, Sally knew that I knew she was having an affair with Jeffrey Archer.

I was probably one of the few friends she knew who didn’t sell the story to the newspapers. She had this awful girl called Alexis Pie larking around in the background, hungry for that story. And Sally wasn’t having it. In fact that caused their friendship to end!

You’d be surprised what you could pick up on a crossed line. I’d be talking to a friend on the phone and I could pick up a conversation regarding some tearful patient who wasn’t happy with their medical results. When I think back, there was a doctor’s surgery in my road, Queens Gate Terrace, Kensington London SW7 5PH.
On that note, aren’t we all guilty of ears-dropping ? How many people are prepared to say yes? And how many will admit selling stories to news papers? How many people listen to people’s conversation for entertainment? Indeed, there are a lot of people who would had been tempted to sell for financial gain. I myself was guilty of that rubbish, back in the late 80s. Looking back I’m ashamed!

Please read on – eventually this story will unfold and make sense.

Can you remember when the government had this big campaign going on about mass destruction around the year 2001? As it turned out there was no mass destruction; all that money was poured into mass destruction awareness could have been pumped into our National Heath Service, Nursing homes, Schools and Mental Health..and a year or so down the line Dr Kelly David Christopher Kelly, CMG (14 May 1944 – 17 July 2003) was a British scientist and expert on biological warfare, employed by the British Ministry of Defence, and formerly a United Nations weapons inspector in Iraq. He was a happy family man. Within that time-frame, all the media was sexed up about mass destruction (leaks from the spin doctor etc) and what happened to Dr Kelly who allegedly committed suicide? Up to now we don’t know the truth. Will we ever? Bless his soul and his family.

When Dr Kelly was called as a witness before the official inquiry investigating the case for war on Iraq, the government secretly intervened to forbid the scientist from answering any questions about weapons of mass destruction. Dr Kelly knew the government’s claims about Iraqi weapons were not true. This is why the government banned their own top expert from sharing his expertise on Iraqi WMD.

DAVID KELLY predicted his end months before it happened; his words were “I will probably be found dead in the woods,” the inquiry into his death was told and he was right. He was found dead in the woods. What did our government have to hide? Why wasn’t he protected? Did they get rid of him? If they didn’t who did? It’s always the wrong people who get protected!

Several months down the line, our government announced more cut backs in Mental Health, NHS, Nursing Homes, schools and now universities fees discouraging the children’s future. When they say “tomorrow’s children are today’s society” we are in a mess, and this is scary.

On a lighter note, who would had thought a handsome man and public figure, an A-lister like Hugh Grant, then 34, the star of Four Weddings & A Funeral, involved in a committed relationship for 13 years with a beautiful stunning English rose . Liz Hurley (known for her iconic Versace safety pin dress, made famous in 1994) was let down by her beloved boyfriend Hugh. He was caught with his pants down having a blow job (oral sex) with Divine Brown (real name Stella Marie Thompson) on Sunset Boulevard. He was arrested 27th June 1995, the mugshot ironically boosted both Grant’s and Brown’s career. Grant’s obsessive hatred of it took hold after he was caught trawling the streets of LA for prostitutes.

After what Hugh Grant got up to wouldn’t you say it would seem totally inappropriate to have Hugh Grant on the Leveson Inquiry? As it turns out, he is one of the most prominent voices in the debate on press reform, who sits on the board of directors of Hacked Off. I would have thought they would have gone for unbiased people. Unless, assuming of course the findings we require the inquiry to reach are biased ones…

Is it right to introduce state control over people’s ethical judgements? I thought you couldn’t and wouldn’t. But, we as the public aren’t stupid (well, not completely) we have endless compassion for people like Graham, for Bob and Sally Dowler, for mums like Margaret Watson, whose 15-year-old son Alan killed himself after a series of derogatory articles about his murdered sister. Indeed no one deserves to go through what they went through!

However, you could almost refuse to take lessons in morality or ethics – which is what the Leveson inquiry was about, not hacking from the likes of Hugh Grant. It’s nauseating, not to mention hypocritical, to have to stomach that man with bloody great axes to grind banging on about immorality in the press.

A man who got a woman pregnant after what he insultingly called “a fleeting affair”, and who reportedly spent just half an hour with his newborn child before shooting off to Scotland to play golf. Nice one! Doesn’t the phase “Dot the eyes and cross the t’s” spring to mind?

Good bye 168 years…

Then you have an old man in his 80s, poor old Rupert Murdoch. What deal did he strike? Or was it question of Murdoch you close your newspaper and stay out of Ford Prison? Or was the government out to get him because News International turned over a few MPs over the years? After all he was so powerful he could control or had influence with whatever party won the election. Yet, this is a man who didn’t know anything about “phone hacking.” Was this pay-back time?

Rebekah Brooks has taking the rap for the Murdoch’s empire with her legal bills costing over £5million. (There have been rumours she’s had a close encounter with his son…) However, under Mrs Brooks those people had taken a bigger rap! Without financial help: 650 Members of Parliament.
I think it’s fair to say they should be punished, it has to be said there are a lot worst out there. After all Mrs Brooks only looks after Mrs Brooks. She may be highly intelligent, indeed, a bully. The staff under her were under so much pressure, but they didn’t murder anyone, they are not paedophiles or bank robbers; and yet people who are get less.

Although it’s right for the phone hacking lark to be punished, I don’t think prison is the answer. If that’s the case over a hundred out of 650 MPs would have to go to prison. Maybe placing them into schools or helping with mental health service could be the answer. After all, this gives our government the opportunity to clear up their own mess.

“Thank you & goodbye”, 1843-2011.

As it turned out the last edition of the News Of the World after 168 years appeared with a front page which contained latest a montage of famous exclusive scoops under a headline which simply read “Thank you & goodbye”. It marked the dramatic end of the Sunday tabloid following the decision by publisher News International to close the newspaper in the wake of the phone hacking allegations.

The newspaper’s final edition consists of a 48-page pullout and promises its readers that profits from its sale will go to charity.

A sub-headline reads “After 168 years, we finally say a sad but very proud farewell to our 7.5m loyal readers” and in the top right corner are the words “The world’s greatest newspaper 1843-2011”.

7. 5m loyal readers, that says a lot about us as their readers. Strange but true, can’t help thinking we helped support the mess they were in. We brought the newspaper and were hungry for gossip and sensation. Selling stories, going off with MPs, judges, doctors. Indeed, you get the latest breed of girls targeting football players then selling the story. Gosh it’s not only ugly, it’s something we should actually feel ashamed of. I did.

Sir Jimmy Savile (1926 2011)

First of all, may this man rot in hell! Everyone knew he was a pervert. Back in the middle of the 80s living in Hanwell, London W7 the rumours were watch out for “the pervert’s about” We use to laugh about it, because back then he had a name as the groping madmen. Not knowing he was a paedophile.

His career involved working with children and young people, including visiting schools and hospital wards. He spent 20 years presenting Top of the Pops before a teenage audience, and another 20 years presenting Jim’ll Fix It, in which he helped the wishes of viewers, mainly children, come true. During his lifetime, two police investigations had looked into reports about Savile, the earliest known being in 1958.

In September and October 2012, almost a year after his death, allegations that English DJ and BBC television presenter had sexually abused under-age adolescent and prepubescent girls and boys, and adults, became widely publicised.

A police intelligence file linked the notorious paedophile to a child sex ring in 1964 but it was overlooked until last year. How ironic, with advance technology things get over looked. I would have thought this would had made sense whilst he was alive you couldn’t write the script.

And a letter to Scotland Yard in 1998 claiming the TV star was a child abuser was kept secret because of his celebrity status. I wonder why, could it be some members of Parliament were involved? It’s true what they say…some people with high society money are the ones you need to watch. Er…does J…… King (6.12. 44) spring to mind?! I’m sure he may be innocent so is ….Max Clifford.
The public has lost their faith in this government and yet a pervert like Jimmy Savile was protected. Yet a good happy loving family man like Dr Kelly the scientist wasn’t protected. Was it because he’s not kinky, not a pervert and too normal? The Leveson Inquiry is a waste of time. I hope I’m wrong though. I rest my case.

Sixteen national newspapers
Times, The Guardian, Observer, ,Independent , Sunday, Times, Daily Telegraph ,Financial Times, Daily Express, Daily Mail ,Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, Daily Star, The Sun, The People, The Daily Sport, Metro (which is a free paper found on buses and the tube etc)

As we speak not much has changed in the newspaper industry; in fact on a scale of 16, three papers are doing the same damn thing…

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